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Once we got our minds right, making money became much easier!


Below here are the books we will be reading each month. At least 1 book per month, then going back to re-read them until it is clear:

These books right below here are Life Changers! MUST READ!!!

You can pick these up at any Barnes Noble, or Amazon book store:

  • Your Best Life Now…by Joel Osteen
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind…by T. Harv Eker
  • You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor
  • The Master Key To Riches…by Napoleon Hill
  • Think And Grow Rich…by Napoleon Hill
  • What You Say When You Talk To Yourself…by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D
  • Bringing Out The Best In People…by McGinnis
  • The Leader In You…by Dale Carnegie
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People…by Dale Carnegie
  • How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling…by Frank Bettger
  • Dynamic People Skills…by Dexter Yager
  • The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make…byFinzel
  • Who Are You When No One’s Looking…by Hybels
  • The Magic Of Thinking Big…by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.
  • Hung By The Tongue…by Martin
  • Personality Plus…by Littauer
  • The Five Love Languages…by Chapman
  • Love And Respect…by Eggerichs
  • The Greatest Secret In The World…by Og Mandino
  • The Greatest Miracle In The World…by Og Mandino
  • The Choice…by Og Mandino

These books have helped us to develop a whole new mindset and renewed our minds to move us forward in life, and our income has moved forward as a result of that knowledge. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your future!

Wealth is nothing more than a thought process…and what you put in your mind is a reflection of the life and income that you want.

Not to many people like to read, however if I told you that if you were to read a book a month for 12 months and it would net you an extra $100,000 per year…


*If you are on our Empower Network Team, then below are the Core Action Steps.

  1. Core Commitment #1: Setup Your Merchant Account
  2. Core Commitment #2: Blog Daily
  3. Core Commitment #3: Market Daily
  4. Core Commitment #4: New Member Coaching
  5. Core Commitment #5: Tune Into “The Empower Hour” Ev
    ery Week
  6. Core Commitment #6: Listen To A Daily Audio
  7. Core Commitment #7: Read Daily
  8. Core Commitment #8: Attend All Events

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Below here is the Core Checklist downloadable pdf:

Click here for the f.ree download

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  1. It’s My Time… No Weapon Shall Prosper Against Me!
    I AM Empowered, I AM More Than A Conqueror, I AM Excited! It’s My Season…


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