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Classified Advertising Spots We Use:

Below are great Classified Ad spots:

We Advertise on Safelist and these daily!

  • Get the “postage paid” postcards out of magazines as well as the “postage paid” envelopes that are in your junk mail that the post office delivers to your house…take your flyers or drop cards and stuff them in the envelopes or tape them to the back of the postage paid postcards and mail them back to those companies…the people that work for these companies are constantly looking for online businesses to get involved with.
  • We like to go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles Bookstores and look through their magazine racks while sipping on some coffee at the Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee shops that are located in these bookstores. We take all of the loose postage paid envelopes and we leave our flyers/Tip Cards/our $100 Bill Cards in the magazines and tables.
Classified Advertising Sources
When using sources like these, it’s best to advertise
by using a generic ad which could:
  • Ask them if interested, please send a response to your gmail email account address
  • Send them to a Lead Capture Page which captures their information and allows continuous follow-up
Generic Ad Sample #1:
Internet Users Needed
New Internet Company Looking for People who want to work from home.
Must have a computer and the Internet.   Weekly and Monthly Pay Structure.
Extremely High Income Potential.  Set Your Own Days and Hours.
  • (1st OPTION) Send your Name, Phone Number and Email Address to:
  • (2nd OPTION) If interested, Go To: __Your Lead Capture Page Website Address___
    Generic Ad Sample #2:

    Profitable At-Home Business Opportunity

    Our International business is looking for people who would like to work from home advertising for us online. You need a computer and Internet access. Set your own hours and determine your own pay. You can start today FREE, and we’ll provide your own web site and online business management tools.

    $500 – $1,500 Per Week Earnings Potential

    (OPTION #1:)  Free Information 24-Hours Per Day Available At:


    (OPTION #2:) Send your Name, Phone Number and Email Address to


    • Classifieds
      Free online local classified ads.
      Hoobly is a quick and easy way to get your ads listed on google quickly.
    • Like all classfieds duplicate ads are not allowed. Be sure to change wording on Additional ads.
    • Little Nickel
      Affordable Northwest Classifed Ads newspaper with a large cirulation in the:
    • Seattle/Tacoma, Portland and ID regions.
    • Penny Saver
      Paid ads run online and in a network of local papers.
    • Yalwa Classifed Ads
      Targeted free classifed ads for US locations.
    • Lycos
      Free national classifieds marketplace. free posting for members and ibos
    • OLX
      Free online classifieds community. free posting for members and ibos
    • OodleRegister first and then post ads for Members or ibos
    • JobAdVenture (free job posting)


    Free Classifieds Ad Listings

    Free Classified Advertising And Promotion

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    Free Classified Ads

    Alberta Rose FREE Classifieds

    Money-At-Home.Com Free Classifieds! Place Your Free Ad Today Classifieds – The Online Classifieds Solution

    Home Business Opportunities Work At Home And Make Money Online

    Business Opportunities Classifieds Online – Small Business

    Free E-zine Ads
    • Most ezines give away free ads to new subscribers of their ezines.
    • Ezines have been requested by their subscribers so it?s a good place to start.
    Here are some E-ZINES listed:

    The Free Directory of Ezines

    A list of 500 free ezines! E-zines and on-line newsletters publications

    Free Ezines Directory

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