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Welcome to Our Fast Start Advertising Page:

WATCH this video below before going any further on this page!

Live Your Dream – Refuse To Allow The Losers To Stop You from Michael Pilcher

If you are looking for a proven way to finally make good money online and get rid of the financial stress that you currently have, then get on my subscriber list so that you can get the same secrets that I use, get our free marketing tools, tips, tricks, strategies, and get our free training’s. Make the decision that you will do whatever it takes to WIN! Go ahead and Click Here Now <<< and subscribe to my list.

  • The Videos below will help you through your Advertising challenges, and website/capture page challenges. More videos will be coming here for Advertising, and much more.
  • The BEST TRAINING I have ever seen is inside our simple…free System. Developing yourself will develop your Income! We must invest into ourselves by reading self help books, listening to Audios, Attending Webinars from people who have already done what we are attempting to do.
  • If you are not already subscribed to my Newsletter/Autoresponder list, then Click Here Now <<<and get on this list to see the latest success story’s, get our training call/webinar schedules, free giveaways, and much more.

NEED AD COPY? Go to the page marked “Ad Copy” on this website to grab some of the different Ad Copy with Subject lines that I use to get insane results using the f.ree advertising spots below here on this page. THESE WORK…if you use them daily! Consistency is the name of the game. REMEMBER that people are always watching you to see if you are really doing this or not and to see if you are someone they would like to join, or if you are just someone that does nothing, but expects big results just because you joined something.

JUST PICK A FEW of these to start with. YOU MUST GET 2 FREE-GMAIL ACCOUNTS…1 is for the Contact List, and the other is for List email for the Ad Spots below. Not all require this, but most do. I do not pay any attention to the emails that go to my List email account. I gather the credits from the emails that go to my Contact email since they are the Larger Credits for advertising. You can get Free Gmail here:


  1. <<<Sign Up for a free account here.
  2. Once you have your Adchiever account set up then click on the “Affiliate” tab at the top of the site. You have to be logged into your Adchiever account for this. After clicking this “Affiliate” tab, scroll down to the “Downline Builder” tab and click it.
  3. Now sign up for these advertising spots in this List Builder, and then go back to the Adchiever site and put your own Affiliate Link into each of the spots to make this (Your Own System). Then you can give this away to others and as they signup from your link they will signup under you for ALL of these sites, and this builds Your List!
  4. After signing up for the “Build My Downlines” in the Downline Builder of Adchiever then Log Into your Build My Downlines account and add this code below for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. This is a LIMITED Deal, so don’t procrastinate on this or you may miss out.
  5. Login to “BuildMyDownlines” and go to Account Details menu and Edit Internal Profile. On the bottom of the page you will see a field for Promo Code. Enter FoqJD5U6 (exactly as shown) into the promo code box and then press Redeem your bonus. Once you have done this, then go to the Tab Marked My Programs for entering “Your Own Programs” of your choice and this will also make this “Your Own System” for referring others to that builds your own list of prospects that you can contact through the downline mailer. Make sure and use the member mailer every 3 days as it is very effective.
  6. This may be enough for you right now, but I must say that the 2 right below are both Incredible Result getting List Builders/Free Advertising platforms to use. (Be Sure and Get “Your Huge List”)

Article Marketing is a HUGE part of getting more TARGETED TRAFFIC to your websites, so make sure and visit the page on this site market “Article Source” and then stick with the first one for now which is Free-Press-Release until you get use to it, and are comfortable with it. This will bring you TARGETED TRAFFIC by getting you ranked into Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other major Search Engines. YOU WILL BECOME THE HUNTED…lol.

Here is another great free give-away gift that you can use, and if you are looking to make video’s, then this is something that will really help you.

Business Cards I Use For Offline Marketing

2012-03-12_23-42-59_262.jpg 2012-03-12_18-26-27_560.jpg
These $100 bills are so realistic that people always pick them up and stick them in their pockets. These are folded like the picture on the above left, then the one above on the right is unfolded with all of my information, and website for the prospects to visit. Leave these in bathrooms, on bulletin boards, on counters, on magazine racks, on shelves in the stores, by ATM’s, or just drop them on the floor, and I guarantee that people will pick them up! Below is the information for the website to get yours, and place any message you want on them. Very inexpensive!!! <<<Get Yours Right Here!!!

How To Make A Blog Post Using ENV2 Empower Network Blogging System:

How To Use cPanel To Customize Your Landing Page, Add Tracking Codes, Keywords, and More:

How To Use The GVO Conference Room:

How To Copy A Post From Your Blog Then Turn It Into A PDF, Then Upload It To Slideshare and Pinterest.

Back-office Video Training below for Big Idea Mastermind, and Empower Network:

GVO – Pure Leverage | Empower Network | Prosperity Marketing System Backoffice Training Video:

Empower Network Backoffice Set Up Autoresponder, How To Find Things To Write About In Your Blog, Make A Blog Post, and Get Traffic To The Post and Your Blog Site:

How To Set Up A GVO Lead Capture Page From Scratch In Under 30 Minutes, and Also Build One With Prosperity Marketing System, and Host It Yourself.

Using GVO/HTP To Build Lead Capture Pages:

Signup for GVO Titanium or Pure Leverage Below Here:

Advertising “How To” Video’s Below Here:

This video above shows how to use Build My Downlines List Builder advertising.

The video above shows how to use Traffic Zipper advertising and list builder.

The video above shows how to use Business World List advertising.

The video above shows how to use Blogger Builder inside of GVO. Changing
Name Servers,and Installing WordPress.

The video above shows how to use and add plugins, and how to make post on
your website.

These videos above and below show how to add keywords, add post, getting
ranked in Google and more.

HOW TO Upload a Video to your You-Tube Channel.

(We have more Step By Step Video’s coming to this site very soon).

Below here is a step by step formula for building your List quickly, and effectively. [FOR MY TEAM ONLY!]

  1. Set up your Hosting/Autoresponder account. I use GVO that has it all under 1 roof. Capture pages, video software, conference rooms, turn key templates, turn key lead capture pages, web hosting, blogger builder/wordpress, and more. Everything you need can be found right here <<<!
  2. Set up your follow up letters. You can use mine by simply using my code to enter and it automatically installs the letters to your autoresponder. Use mine if you are on my team only!
  3. Set up a lead capture page by using your GVO Tools. The self help videos will show you how to use these tools. I also like to use Prosperity Marketing System HTML Template maker, then upload to my own GVO Hosting account to get better search engine results. Click here for those f.ree templates.
  4. Here is 1 of my PMS Lead Capture Pages <<<for you to look at for ideas.
  5. Next is to build your lead capture page, then install a form (opt in) onto the capture page by using your GVO account. The videos inside of your GVO account will show you how to do this. ALSO Videos above here for step by step procedures of this!
  6. Next is to opt in yourself to test it, make sure that it works, and that your messages will come to the email address that you opted in with.
  7. Next is to make sure all of the links inside of the messages are yours, and going to the right place. See, if you use my messages, you have to change my links to yours, and my name and number to yours.
  8. ALWAYS use a f.ree give away gift to offer people instead of just trying to ram your opportunity right down their throat. Give things to your subscribers for f.ree that have high perceived value, and this will build that KLT…Know, Like, and Trust, then they will be more apt to join you, and buy from you down the road. I love Easy Video Producer <<<for a give away gift.
  9. Next is to put together a good ad to use, then start advertising using your New Lead Capture Page. Advertise DAILY, and make sure you do it daily to let people see that you are CONSISTENT. People are always watching you, and trust me they will notice what you are, or aren’t doing!!! You can go to the “Ad Copy” page on this website to use the ad copy on that page…(if you are on my team!)
  10. Next is to start advertising using this page above here for tons of places to advertise. More places below here for the more advanced advertiser. ALSO I have videos above here to show you how to advertise, and use these different platforms.
  11. This may seem overwhelming to you, but remember I didn’t even have this guide to go by when I got started, so be patient, have fun, and remember that wealth comes to those that work for it…no matter what! I will have some videos coming to this page soon for step by step walk through of this lead capture page set up procedure:)


If you are on a tight budget, the the free advertising platforms below will work good for you. If you have a little money to use for advertising, then we have a complete “PRIVATE” Advertising Vault that is exclusive to our team ONLY! These PRIVATE VENDORS are inside of our team marketing system, and will increase your results by 10+ fold, and it will do it very quickly…

Click the Button Below for Instant and Private Access:

For more Advanced Advertisers below here:

This is just some of the Free Advertising that we use daily, but PLEASE REMEMBER that you do not have to use all of these. When starting out just take a few for awhile to get familiar with how to advertise, then you can add some more each week, or whatever is comfortable for you. The folks that want to get a fast start and do a lot in the beginning is why we put this page together. Take your time, and (work at your own pace). If you want more free advertising, then call me right away for more places to advertise. The best we have is on this page!

  • Below is one of my favorite resources for high converting Squeeze/Landing pages. These are totally free, and it also allows you to earn income as a free member. CLICK HERE to view one of mine. Click the banner below here to get your very own back office, squeeze page maker, list builder, and much more. IT IS A MUST to build your own Landing Page/also called Squeeze Page to drive traffic to first, capture their information, then it forwards them to your main Opportunity. But capture that prospects contact info builds YOUR LIST. THIS IS F.REE!

ALWAYS Check with your sponsor first to see if he or she has these tools, and if so use their referral links.

Click Here or the Banner above for F.ree Prosperity Marketing System

Autoresponders & tools that we use below:

Our favorite Autoresponder, and business tools below. This right here makes us a FORTUNE, and fully Automates our Home Based Business.

  1. Get GVO hosting account options right here <<<GVO has tons of tools, and if you are needing lots of tools, then GVO is one to look at. We love this service. Hosting, Autoresponders, Templates, Video Templates, and much much more all under 1 roof.
  2. Want to EARN 100% Commissions on every sale? The GVO tool that allows you to have all of the tools that is needed for a successful business, but also to have the Opportunity to be able to build a HUGE INCOME by Earning 100% Commissions on each personal sale, and 50% Commissions on each sale that takes place under you as well.


Use this Sokule Site below here to Advertise and invite friends to. Follow me and my post by clicking the link below and then go ahead and grab your Free Site while your there. THIS IS POWERFUL IF USED!

Below is my Twitter Site:

Below is my Facebook Sites:


This 1 site right below here will allow you to go inside and add 21 different free safelist mailers and then after the initial set up you will be able to go back each day and send to all 21 list using the 1 site, and this is a huge time saver, and a way to send to thousands upon thousands of people for free. There will be more added to this very soon.

URGENT NEWS: The banner above is a must have for saving time. TAKE THE TIME to go inside and grab your free account, then please WATCH THE VIDEO’S as they explain everything in detail of how to set up. REMEMBER: You will set it up ONCE, then it is simple go in each day and send to ALL or at least most all of the entire list with a few clicks of your mouse. USE OUR ADS if you’d like on the (Ad Copy) page of this site. Change my personal info and website link to yours before sending your ad. Call Me If You Need Help…after watching all of the video’s.

Stay with this site above (Traffic Zipper) and what is inside of it until you get familiar with advertising so that you do not get overwhelmed, and then go below and add some more every few days, or each week. Go at your own pace! Don’t forget there are video’s inside to guide you step by step in great detail.


Free HOT Advertising Below We Use DAILY/WEEKLY:

Brand NEW Team Members: Don’t try and do all of these in the beginning, just focus on a few of the first 3 or 4 below, then add more as you get comfortable. The ones in red are the hottest right now we have. There are a few below that have 1 time/Lifetime upgrades that allow you to Send to MILLIONS of hungry prospects DAILY.

The more we reach on a DAILY basis to expose our business opportunity to the more we will signup and the more Income we generate. Click the banner right below here for a 1 time upgrade of $39.95 and then send to over 2.7 MILLION hungry prospects DAILY.

  • <<another HOT List to send to DAILY for free. INSIDE of this under the TAB marked Downline Builder is some of our HOTTEST Advertising! ATTENTION: this is inside the Traffic Zipper.


Ad/Traffic Exchanges Below:

These 5 Traffic Exchange Sites above here all work pretty much the same as Traffic Swarm and the video’s above. By opening these all up at once it allows you to get more accomplished rather than just with doing 1 at a time.




This Easy Video Producer right below here is the best list builder and training I have ever used. Give it away for free, and watch your list grow very fast. THIS F.REE SITE LINK BELOW HERE is responsible for hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of prospects that have came in to my list just by giving this away for free, and as a result many of them have turned into signups for my GVO and Empower Network Business Opportunity. Well OVER 16,500 to my list just from using this Easy Video Producer Below as a free give-away tool.



Here is another good way to get yourself out all over the net. Using You-Tube is a great way by throwing up video’s that will get watched a lot and then having it linked to your Opportunity will lead them right to you. Check out my Google Account below which is just another great way to build the Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) with folks.


Below is more List Builders, and Free Advertising.


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